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Insulation And Wind Pressure Tester For External Wall

Insulation And Wind Pressure Tester For External Wall

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Insulation and wind pressure tester For external wall  using advanced automatic control system, can display the recording process control curve for the external wall insulation system to test the wind pressure performance.

Standards compliant:
Technical specification for external wall insulation works JGJ 144-2004
JO 149-2003 Expanded Polystyrene Board Plastering Exterior Wall External Insulation System
JG / T 158-2013 powder polystyrene particles external wall insulation materials
insulation and wind pressure tester of external wall


Insulation And Wind Pressure Tester For External Wall Main Features:
1. High automation design: the use of PLC technology, in a sample test process, without manual participation in the operation, long-term continuous automatic operation.
2. High energy efficiency, low operating cost design: As the device in the test process required power and long-term continuous operation, so reduce operating costs must be considered. The static pressure box of the device is strictly sealed, the fan is adjusted by the inverter, and the running cost of the test is minimized.
3. High reliability design and failure - security technology design: control system using the upper and lower machine system, hardware redundancy, automatic switching, the system has a high reliability, to  ensure the safety of the test.
4. Non-contact detection design, the device can be equipped with a color camera, the pilot on the console, you can observe the surface through the color display changes to achieve non-contact detection.
5. Wide range of adaptations, simple operation, stable performance, high control precision, accurate data acquisition and low comprehensive noise.


wind pressure detection device for External wall insulation system performance parameters Main parameters:
1. Wind pressure control range: -7000Pa ~ 0Pa;
2. Wind pressure test accuracy: 0.5%;
Pipe diameter: 8;
4. Wind pressure control accuracy: ≤ control target pressure ± 5%;
5. The number of cycles: can be arbitrarily set, frequency control accuracy of 100%;
6. Pressure pulse process time control deviation: boost 0.7 ~ 1.0s, sustained 2 ~ 3s, buck: ≥ 4s;
7. Power supply requirements: AC380V, 23kW three-phase five-wire power supply; AC220V, 2kW single-phase three-wire lighting;
8. With the maximum negative load design value W any set, the default method of pressurization process for the standard method, but also artificial custom pressure process procedures to expand the requirements.

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