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Fast thermal conductivity tester

Fast thermal conductivity tester

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Fast Thermal Conductivity Tester (Composite Conductive Thermal Tester) mainly used for the determination of non-metallic solid material thermal conductivity, suitable for testing units, universities, research and production units to use.
Standards Compliant:
GB 10297-1998, GB / T10294-2008, GB / T10801.1, GB / T10801.2
Main Parameters:
1. Power supply: AC220V ± 10%, 50Hz
2. Temperature range: (0-80) ℃
3. Temperature resolution: 0.01 ℃
4. Temperature measurement accuracy: 0.1 ℃
5. Thermal conductivity measurement range: ≤ 2W / (m · K)
6. Measurement error: ± 5%
7. Maximum measurement time: 300s
8. Laboratory temperature: (23 ± 2) ° C
9. Laboratory humidity: (40-60%) RH
Main features:
1. Measurement time is short: the measurement process, the specimen material denatured, deformation is small, the measured value closer to the true value;
2. Easy to operate: all the use of microcomputer intelligent control, the operator without special training, you can directly post operation;
3. Wide test range: the basic effective coverage of non-metallic materials and low thermal conductivity of the metal material;
4. Widely used: widely used in construction, energy, environmental protection, chemical, medical, energy and other industries.


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