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Plate thermal conductivity tester

Plate thermal conductivity tester

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Plate thermal conductivity tester is used to test the thermal conductivity of refractory insulation, ceramic fiber, felt, textile, plate, brick and other materials at different temperatures.

Plate thermal conductivity tester Standards compliant:
GB / T 17911-2006 "Test method for refractory ceramic fiber products", applicable YB / T 4130-2005 "Test method for thermal conductivity of refractory materials (water flow plate method)" GB / T 17911-2006.
Plate thermal conductivity tester

Plate thermal conductivity tester Technical parameters:
1. Thermal conductivity meter Dimensions: 780mm * 780mm * 1360mm
2. Heating furnace test temperature: 200 ℃ -1250 ℃
3. Temperature accuracy: ± 1 ℃
4. Sample size: 230mm × 230mm * (40-100) mm
5. The number of specimens: 1-4 block
6. Power supply voltage: 380V, 50HZ
7. Air switch: 380V, 16A
8. Measuring range: Range (0.03-2.00) W / (m? K)
9. Drying and heat treatment: samples and pads placed at 110 ℃ ± 5 ℃ dry to constant weight, or according to the requirements of the process of processing products

Flowmeter parameters:
1. Motherboard flowmeter: (2.5-25) L / H 20 ℃
2. Hood flowmeter: (2.5-25) L / H 20 ℃
3. Water supply flowmeter: (10-100) L / H 20 ℃

Plate thermal conductivity tester Main features:
1. Online double calibration: unique technology, while calibrating the temperature, calibration system error, accurate, fast and convenient.
2. Measuring range: Range (0.03-2.00) W / (m? K).
3. Measurement of many types: fire insulation, ceramic fiber, carpets, textiles, plates, bricks.
4. Control the use of Japanese PLC and temperature expansion module and other integrated design, can effectively reduce the interference and improve equipment stability.
5. The output adopts the new non-contact switching device, with high reliability, long life, low noise, fast switching speed, anti-interference ability, improve equipment life and safety.
6. Control method for the PID control, through the software self-tuning PID parameters to adjust to ensure the tracking accuracy.
7. Independent research and development of industrial control software, easy to operate, easy to maintain. Software using Visual Basic6.0 development, real-time data storage, power can continue after the interface intuitive, easy to operate, remote maintenance.
8. Using RS-232C standard serial communication, can be synchronized to collect experimental data. Store data directly in Excel form, easy to handle.
9. Remote online services: Our customer service personnel through the network for maintenance and repair; to help solve difficult problems; regular software upgrades.
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