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Building materials smoke density tester

Building materials smoke density tester

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Building material decomposition smoke density testing machine for the stability of the material smoke smoke toxic hazard classification, does not apply to non-stable smoke smoke toxic hazard classification.

Standards Compliant:
GB / T20285-2006 "Hazardous Classification of Tobacco Products"

Main Feature:
1. Device structure is simple, easy to operate, beautiful appearance;
2. It is one of the important criteria to determine the combustion performance grade as A grade composite (sandwich) material;
According to our laboratory in the quantitative preparation of material smoke method and experimental mice acute inhalation flue gas exposure test methodological research results and material toxicity evaluation of the experimental experience developed.

Detection Principle:
It is possible to realize the stable thermal decomposition and combustion of the material by the constant velocity air flow and the stable heating furnace. The stable flow decomposition of the material can achieve the stable decomposition and combustion of the material. The flue gas flow with stable composition is obtained. The same material is the most toxic at the same smoke concentration, with sufficient smoke and no flame.

Main Parameters:
1. Power supply voltage: AC220V ± 10%
2. Maximum power: 5KW; Heating power: 1.5KW
3. Test device dimensions; 1800mm × 600mm × 1750mm
4. Temperature range: (300-1000) ℃;
5. Control accuracy: static ± 1 ℃ (maintenance time greater than 2min);
6. Air flow: (0-20) L / min adjustable;
7. Rotation rate of ring furnace: (10 ± 0.1) mm / min.

8. Test device weight: about 460KG

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