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Rubber wheel abrasive wear tester

Rubber wheel abrasive wear tester

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Rubber wheel abrasive wear tester-According to ASTM G65-04 standard, under certain test conditions, the use of sliding friction in the form of engineering plastics, powder metallurgy, alloy bearings and other performance.

main feature:
1. consists of two parts: host and control system;
2. The main part includes the base, the spindle and the drive system, the weight loading system, the sample clamping part;
3. Control system includes measurement and control, display instrument part, two parts with control cable connection;
4. Can change the load, speed, time, friction sponge material, surface roughness, hardness and other parameters of the test.

Rubber wheel abrasive wear tester main parameters:
1, the maximum test force: 200N
2, the indication accuracy: ± 1%
3, the spindle speed adjustment range: 10r / min-200r / min
4, the spindle speed accuracy: 1r / min
5, the temperature measurement range: room temperature -200 ℃
6, test the number of revolutions: 1-9999999 set
7, the input voltage: AC 380V
8, the input power: 2.2kW
9, for the sand system adjustment range: 10-500g / Min
Rubber wheel abrasive wear tester
Rubber wheel abrasive wear tester detection process:
1. The spindle box is mounted on the base, the spindle is supported by a set of bearings, with high rotation accuracy. Spindle rear and motor connection;
2. In the right half of the base is a weight loading system, the spindle can be applied to the sample on the maximum radial load of 200N;
3. The inner specimen is fastened to the conical surface of 1: 7 on the front end of the spindle with M20 * 2 nut, and the outer sample is fixed in the outer sample card slot of the afterburner;
4. The application of the test force and unloading by the loading system to complete the size of the load by loading to complete the load lever equalization arm weight plate and double arm plate, weight is divided into 1N, 2N, 5N, 10N, 20N, 50N six, so that in the range of 1-200N integer to achieve the electrodeless loading;
5. LCD screen shows the spindle speed and experimental time;
6. Adjust the speed, set the operation, please refer to the inverter operating instructions;
7. Test time control by the instrument is completed, the use of dial can be preset test time, time will be after the alarm and shutdown protection;
8. The meter shows the change in sample temperature during the test.

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