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Fire retardant coating test machine

Fire retardant coating test machine

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Fire retardant coating test machine is composed of two parts: the main control box and the burning box. It is used in the laboratory condition to detect the flame propagation performance of the fireproof coating applied to the surface of the combustible substrate.

Standards compliant:
GB / T 12441-2005

The main parameters:
1, thermocouple diameter 2mm, precision grade Ⅱ, range 1300 ℃.
2, the timer error is not greater than 1s / h.
3, the test process, every 15S alarm once, to remind the operator to record the current combustion conditions, burning time for 4min.
4, power requirements: AC220 (± 10%) V / 50HZ.

Structural features:
1, the instrument structure from the main control box, burning box 2 composed of the majority of the control box for the mobile, material (t = 1.2mm) electrostatic steel, the surface of the spray treatment, more smooth, beautiful;
2, in front with a glass window, can observe the burning of the sample at any time;
3, torch: brass material;
4, digital temperature control system;
5, gas source for liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas;
6, the rotor flow meter can adjust the combustion gas flow;
7, high precision pressure regulating valve, adjust the standard gas pressure required;
8, the use of relay control system, all electronic original are used well-known brands, can better guarantee the work of the machine performance and detection accuracy;
9, the device has power overload, short circuit protection.
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