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Curl elasticity detector

Curl elasticity detector

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Crimp elasticity detector is mainly used to determine the curl, curl elasticity, curl recovery rate and their statistical value of 1 ~ 22dtex fiber, with display and printing function.

Curl elasticity detector main features:
The instrument is measured by the tension loader. The length of the displacement is counted by the single-chip microcomputer. The instrument can automatically measure, display and print the pulse signal from the stepper motor. The instrument uses the single-chip microcomputer control to achieve the flexibility of the curl elastic instrument, the instrument measurement system by the tension loader to load, the length of the pulse by the stepper motor pulse signal through the microcontroller to count, the instrument can automatically measure, display and print fiber fineness The curl, curl elasticity, crimp recovery rate and their statistical values ​​for 1 ~ 22dtex fibers.

Applicable standards: GB / T14338

Technical Parameters:
1. Initial length: 20mm
2. Lower class holder travel: 30mm
3. Displacement minimum indication: 0.01mm
4. Displacement reading error: 0.05mm (within 10mm)
5. Timing sub-file: 0.5,1,2min
6. Power: AC220V, 50HZ
7. Shape volume: 460 × 230 × 460mm

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