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Fabric Electromagnetic Shielding Tester

Fabric Electromagnetic Shielding Tester

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Fabric anti-electromagnetic radiation performance tester is mainly used for textile, plastic sheet, sheet metal, non-conductive material surface coating or coating, metal mesh, conductive film, conductive glass, conductive medium plate electromagnetic shielding materials such as electromagnetic shielding effectiveness test.

Standards compliant:
GB / T23326, GB / T25471, ASTM D4935, SJ2054

The main purpose:
Fabric anti-electromagnetic radiation performance tester / magnetic radiation tester / electromagnetic radiation tester is mainly used for textiles, plastic sheeting, sheet metal, non-conductive material surface coating or coating, metal mesh, conductive film, conductive glass, conductive medium plate Electromagnetic Shielding Effectiveness Test of Electromagnetic Shielding Material.

main feature:
1. Using coaxial test method, transmission characteristics, high test accuracy;
2. Full-frequency scanning, list scanning and point frequency measurement;
3. Using the international preferred flange coaxial test method to measure the shielding effectiveness of materials, transmission characteristics, improve the test accuracy;
4. Automatic control signal transmission and reception, automatic data acquisition and processing, LCD screen curve display, micro-printer print test data, easy to operate;
5.The evaluation of the absorption and reflection properties of the electromagnetic wave is obtained by the calculation of the parameters.
6.RS232 data interface, computer software curve display, data analysis and storage;
7. Provide USB interface, support U disk mobile data storage.

Fabric anti-electromagnetic radiation performance tester Technical parameters:
1. Source:
1.1 Test frequency range: 300 KHz-3000 MHz;
1.2 frequency stability: ≤ ± 5 × 10-6;
1.3 Frequency resolution: 1 Hz;
1.4 Signal purity: ≤-65dBc / Hz (partial 10 KHz);
1.5 Output level: -45dBm- + 10 dBm;
1.6 level accuracy: ≤ ± 1.5dB (25 ℃ ± 5 ℃, -45dBm- +5 dBm);
1.7 harmonic suppression ratio: ≥ 30dB (1MHz-3000MHz), ≥ 25dB (300KHz-1MHz);
1.8 Directionality: ≥ 50dB (after vector calibration);
1.9 power scan: -8dBm- +5 dBm;
1.10 System Impedance: 50 ohms.
2. Receiver:
2.1 Frequency range: 300KHz-3000MHz;
2.2 resolution bandwidth: 100 Hz-20 KHz;
2.3 Dynamic range: ≥95 dB (RBW = 1 KHz);
2.4 Maximum input level: + 10dBm;
2.5 Input Damage Level: + 20dBm (DC + 25V);
2.6 Port: VSWR ≤ 1.2.
3. Phase characteristics:
3.1 Phase resolution: 0.01 °
3.2 Phase trajectory noise: 0.5 ° @@ RBW = 1 kHz, 1 ° @ RBW = 3 kHz (25 ° C ± 5 ° C, 0 dBm)
4. Send and receive frequency:
4.1 Transmitting frequency 20MHz-1.3GHz;
4.2 Transmitting frequency drift <1000Hz;
4.3 Transmit frequency Frequency hopping interval Minimum frequency hopping interval 1MHz;
4.4 Transmit output power> 13dBm;
4.5 received power dynamic range: +5 dBm - 55dBm;
4.6 Receiver power accuracy ± 1dB;
4.7 resolution 0.01dB receiver frequency test range 10MHz-3GHz;
4.8 Double-layer shielding effectiveness> 20dB.
5. Sample size:
5.1 round: diameter 180mm-200 mm;
5.2 square: 180mm × 180mm-200mm × 200mm;
5.3 Specimen thickness: 0-5mm.
6. Instrument specifications:
6.1 Working environment Temperature and humidity: 0-40 ℃, 0-75% RH;
6.2 Power supply: AC220V ± 30V, 50Hz 100W;
6.3 Dimensions: 70mm × 50mm × 75mm (L × W × H) (excluding computer);
6.4 Weight: about 75kg.

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