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Horizontal Vertical Flame Chamber

Horizontal Vertical Flame Chamber

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UL94 horizontal and vertical combustion tester is designed to simulate the early firing situation of electronic and electrical products in order to evaluate the firing hazard through this simulation technology,. when the products are on fire the tester needs to ensure that the flame around the products shall not spread around. The tester is used to conduct flammability experiments for materials of equipment and  components, and measure the test indices, such as flammability property, burning rate, flame spread, combustion intensity and  the flame retardant property of products. It is a latest listed tester extremely recommended to clients with high requirements in terms of its high automation and accurate test data.

1. Horizontal combustion test: UL94HB (ASTM D 635, IEC 60695-11-10, IEC 60707, ISO 1210)
2. Vertical combustion test: UL 94 V-0, v-1, or v-2 (ASTM D 3801, IEC 60695-11-10, IEC 60707, ISO 1210)
3. 500w (125mm) vertical combustion test: 5VA or 5VB (ASTM D 5048, IEC 60695-11-20, IEC 60707, ISO 9772) 500 W (125mm)
4. Thin material vertical combustion test: VTM-0, VTM-1, or VTM-2 (ASTM D 4804, ISO 9773)
5. Foaming material horizontal combustion test: HF- 1, HF-2 or HBF (ASTM D 4986, ISO 9772)
6. Burner: (ASTM D 5025, ASTM D 5207, ISO 10093, ISO 103351)
1. Chamber and fixture:
1.1 Chamber size:(W)1200mmX(D)600mmX(H)1300mm;
1.2 Extra large burning body at 0.55m³ to ensure adequate air supply while testing;
1.3 Chamber with paint baking treatment; inside dark painted baking (as per standards), anti-corrosion;
1.4 Integrated design composed of the test section and control unit, easy for sit installation and conditioning;
1.5 Large scale glass observation window, elegantly designed, easy to observe the burning state of materials;
1.6 Advanced industrial design conforming to ergonomic design, easy to touch the sample, set the burning rod and operate;
1.7 All clamps made of 304 stainless steel; nice and anti-corrosion; integrated design suitable for both horizontal and vertical burning; easy operation; space saving;
1.8 304 stainless steel flame height ruler
1.9 stainless steel ruler at ab accuracy of 0.5mm;
2. Burner and gas control:
2.1 Burning angle adjustable at  0° and 45°;
2.2 USA imported  Bunsen burner,length 100mm±10mm、inner diameter 9.5mm±0.3mm;totally comply with the requirements of IEC60695-11-4;
2.3 Self adjustable burner flow; self adjustable air volume in to the burner;
2.5 High precision pressure regulating valve and pressure gauge;
2.6 U-shape tube differential pressure gage;
2.7 Precise control of the flame height at 20mm±2mm
3. Automatic control system
3.1 programmable controller with 7 "touch screen achieves control/detection/calculation/data display.
3.2 Pulse high voltage electronic automatic ignition;
3.3 Timing button and PLC automatic record and storage of burning time;
3.4 Timer detects the time that flame reaches 25, 100mm mark line.Accuracy of 0.1 S, automatic timing;
3.5 No hand stopwatch or manuscript timing;The test time system records automatically and produces the test report.
3.6 Test time and flame time can be set on touch screen.Meet a variety of test standard requirements;
3.7 Linear combustion rate (V) by PLC automatic calculation, touch screen display and storage;
3.8 test grade value (HB0 HB40 HB75/ v-0 v-1 v-2) and the national standard specified value can be viewed on the screen;
3.9 Horizontal and vertical combustion test program can be switched on touch screen;

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