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Fabric Surface Flammability Tester

Fabric Surface Flammability Tester

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Fabric Surface Flammability Tester

GB / T 8745-2001 Textiles combustion properties of the fabric surface burning time determination, ISO 10047: 1993, Textile fabric surface burning time determination

Suitable for measuring the surface burning time of textile fabrics with fluff (for example, pile, loop, tuft or similar surface) on the surface

Main features:
1, Electric wire ignition.
2, automatic timing positioning for burner
3, arbitrarily set the ignition time for 0 ~ 99.99 seconds. Automatically record the burning time, digital display.

1, sample holder: length 150mm × width 75mm
2, the frame mark line: the sample is located under the ignition 75mm
3, the ignition time: 0 ~ 99.99 seconds arbitrarily set
4, flame height measurement device: flame height 40 ± 2mm
5, the ignition tip from the specimen holder surface distance: 15mm
6, the use of gas: industrial butane or propane or butane / propane mixed gas.
7, the sample size: 150mm × 75mm

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