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American Standard Whirlpool Shrinkage Dryer

American Standard Whirlpool Shrinkage Dryer

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Brief Introduction
Whirlpool 3LWED4900YW - American Association of Textile Chemists and dyeing of Jurists (AATCC) approved standard shrinkage test (special) brand dryers.
Testing of textiles <such as knitted fabrics, woven fabrics and clothing> after one or more times after washing, obtain shrinkage or elongation, but also for a variety of ratings and appearance after washing clothing, clothing nursing care label

Product Description
1. Pre-school time drying / insufficiency dry clothes;
2. Cold wrinkle;
3. Auto-rotate wrinkle 30-90 minutes;
4. Powerful dryer / insufficiency dry clothes;
5. Dried;

Technical Parameters
Rotating drum-type form
Instrument Size L * W * H 730 * 650 * 1060 (mm)
Packing size L * W * H 740 * 790 * 1120 (mm)
Voltage 220V, 13Amp, 50Hz
Weight 70kg
Configurations and Consumables
1993 American-containing fluorescent detergent, Tide detergent flavor
American aggravation with a wash cloth with (each package has 4 lbs 16)
after washing without leg color pen (yellow, black, red)
American shrinkage percentage ruler
the standard print size (10 inches long or 18 inches long)

Product Display

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