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Ozone aging chamber

Ozone aging chamber

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Brief Introduction
The textile ozen aging color fastness tester is mainly used for testing color  fastness properties of fabrics exposed to ozone environment; it is the special equipment for testing the  fabric colorfastness to ozone. 

Product Description
1. Equipped with a high efficiency ozone generator. It is also equipped with HMOS sensor, ozone concentration of 5ppm, control accuracy of ± 20%, with a durable ccounters. When the tank is full load for test, the ozone concentration can reach 5ppm in about  five minutes;
2. Stainless steel test chamber is equipped with a large UV glass observation window, and can acheive closed-loop control of the ozone concentration.The rotating sample holder can  hold up to 24 samples. The automatic shut-off featured LED lights improve the observance of the test effect;
3. In order to improve the safety performance of the device, it is equipped with door safety  interlock,ozone decomposition catalyst and exhaust design with negative  pressure monitoring;
4. The user can conduct on-site calibration each year, and the sensor can also be returned to  the factory for calibration. Two calibration standards have NIST traceable calibration. The equipment also has periodic reminders to alert users to replace ozone decomposition  catalyst and ozone generator.

It is suitable for a series of tests on color fastness and color fastness to airborne contaminants, such as knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, synthetic fiber fabrics, natural fiber fabrics, etc. It can also be used for the ozone color fastness test of fabrics such as nylon carpet.

AATCC 109-2011  Colorfastness to Ozone in the Atmosphere under Low Humidities. 
AATCC 129-2011 Colorfastness To Ozone In The Atmosphere Under High Humidities
ISO 105-G03-1993  Textiles; tests for color fastness; part G03: color fastness to ozone in the atmosphere
GB/T 11039.3-2005 Textiles; tests for color fastness; part 3: color fastness to ozone in the atmosphere
JIS L0890 Test methods for color fastness to ozone
· Multi-functional rotating sample rack supports hanging and placing samples in various ways to meet the test requirements  of samples in different shapes and specifications. Sample rack speed is adjustable.
· High output ozone generator with closed-loop ozone concentration control system and easy parameter setting panel provides a powerful control function and accurate test results.
· Transparent window with internal lighting system provides convenience to observe the test process. The security door lock ensures test safety.
1. The apparatus consists of an ozone generator, fans, baffles, sample holder and the  sample compartment composition. The use of high-voltage transformer ozone generator  discharge through the grid, the generator is placed in front of the low pressure fan, an ozone separator system injects ozone into the test chamber. Sample holder mounted on the wire can be applied to samples of various sizes.
2. The device is equipped with high-efficiency ozone generator, controller, closed-loop  control of ozone concentration and can accommodate 24 rotating sample holders. The pre-set parameters  can be displayed on the  screen , thereby increasing the accuracy of the device operation and test results.
Technical Parameters
Temperature Range
Temp Accuracy
Humidity range
50-90% RH
Humidity accuracy
Ozone concentration range
Adjust method
flow regulation
Ozone generation
Static air emissions
Internal dimension
400mm x 400mm x500mm
Power supply
220V,50Hz or115,60Hz
External dimension
1000mm×650 mm×1450 mm

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