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Tracking Index Tester

Tracking Index Tester

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Tracking Index Test Apparatus to Evaluate Leakage
Scope of application:
Tracking index tester to Evaluate Leakage Resistance mainly used for the lighting equipment, low-voltage electrical appliances, household appliances, electrical appliances, electrical machinery, power tools, electronic equipment, electrical instruments, information technology equipment research, production and quality inspection departments, for the determination of related products leakage resistance

Technical Parameters:
1, the electrode material: electrode head - platinum (platinum)
2, the electrode pressure: 1.0 ± 0.05N
3, the electrode distance: 4.0mm ± 0.01mm, the angle of 60 ° ± 5
4, the electrode voltage: 100 ~ 600V (48 ~ 60HZ) adjustable, short-circuit current at 1.0 ± 0.1A voltage drop of less than 10%
5, dripping height: 30 ~ 40mm adjustable
6, drip size: 44 ~ 55 drops / 1cm3 adjustable
7, drip time: 30s ± 5s
8, the number of drops: 0 ~ 9999 times adjustable
9, leakage judgment: the loop current is greater than 0.5A and maintains the relay action for 2 seconds to cut off the current, indicating the sample failed
10, the test process: test procedures for automatic control, independent ventilation
11, standard: IEC60112, GB / T4207, GB4706.1
12, the studio volume: 0.1m3 (can be customized 0.5 m3 or 0.75m3)
13, the equipment outside size: 630mm(wide)× 390mm (deep)× 750mm (high)

GBT 4207,IEC 60112 (2003),IEC 60745-1,IEC 60335-1,IEC 60598-1,IEC 60884-1

Test principle:
A conductive liquid (0.1% by weight) having a predetermined droplet volume was dropped onto the surface of the solid insulating material and a platinum electrode of a predetermined size (2 mm × 5 mm) by applying a voltage and dropping a predetermined height (35 mm) NH 4 CL) was used to evaluate the leakage resistance of the surface of the solid insulating material under the combined effect of electric field and moisture or contaminating medium. The relative electrical tracing index (CT1) and the resistance to tracing index (PT1)

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