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UV Accelerated Weathering Tester

UV Accelerated Weathering Tester

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The UV Accelerated Weathering Tester alias: UV aging test chamber / UV Lamp Aging Test Tester. It is suitable for all kinds of geo-synthetics, such as light resistance, weather resistance and light ageing. 


ASTM D4329、ASTM D4587、ASTM D4799 、ASTM D5208、ASTM G151、ASTM G154 、EN 927-6、EN 1297 、EN 1898 FIBC、EN 12224 、EN 13523-10 、ISO 4892-1、ISO 4892-3、ISO 11507、ISO 11895 、ISO 11997-2 、SAE J2020、EN 1062-4

 UV Accelerated Weathering Tester  uses fluorescent UV lamps, combined with temperature and humidity device  to simulate the material decline in color, brightness, strength and cracking, spalling, powder, oxidation damage via the high temperature sun light (UV), high humidity, condensation, dark cycle etc. At the same time, through the synergy between UV and moisture resistance ability of single or single material makes wet ability weakening or failure, which is widely used to evaluate the performance of weather resistant materials, equipment is to provide the best sunshine UV simulation. 


Product Advantages:

UV aging chamber innovative design, compared with other UV fluorescent aging test chamber, to achieve the high performance with ease of use, accuracy and safety of a higher standard, the verification performance in line with or even more than other brands. Multi-language touch screen interface, through the Ethernet connection for data collection, high security, optional recirculation spray device. More other unique user easy to operate using the features


Product Features:

1, 8 pieces of 40-watt UV fluorescent tubes
2, blackboard temperature (BPT) control
3, safety protection device: open the door after the dual protection of hardware and software; low water level protection; over-temperature protection
4, in line with CE standards and UL and CSA certification
5, the sample rack
6, touch screen display
7, irradiance calibration safety interface
8, easy to operate the sample fixed ring

uv lamp.jpg

Technical Parameters:

1. The radiation uniformity: covering the entire surface of the sample 4%
2. Irradiation: Minimum: 0.35 W / m2 (UVA, UVB) Maximum: 1.55 W / m2 (UVA), 1.23 W / m2 (UVB)
3. Blackboard Temperature Range: UV Stage - BPT 35-80 ° C (95-176 ° F) Condensing Stage - BPT 35-60 ° C (95-140 ° F)
4. Sample capacity: 48 + BPT on 24 sample clamps
5. Weight: About 140KG (310LB), depending on the choice of accessories
6. Power: 120VAC (± 10%), 1Ph. 2Wire (1 / N / PE), 50/60 Hz, 12A230 VAC 2 / PE), 50/60 Hz, 8A
7, spray water pressure: 25-40 psi (1.7-2.7bar), purity: <1 ppm dissolved solids, silicon: <0.1 ppm, conductivity: <5 us / cm or 200 K&Omega; or reference test method
8, condensate water requirements
Pressure: 2-60 psi (0.1-4.1 bra)
Purity: Recommended deionized water, but not required.



1, circulating water spray
2,12 standard nozzles
3, hand-held radiation calibrator
4, through the Ethernet data acquisition procedures
5, superimposed kit
6, radiation control (340 nm, 313 nm, 351 nm)
7, nozzle can be customized for the user

UV Aging Test Chamber Brand:

ATLAS UV  UV Aging Test Chamber:

ATLAS UV  UV Aging Test Chamber.jpg

Quv Accelerated Weathering Tester:

QUv Aging Test Chamber.jpg

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