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Building Materials Ignitability Tester

Building Materials Ignitability Tester

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The main purpose:
Flammability Tester for Construction Materials is used to detect a variety of building materials and combustion performance measurement and control performance exterior insulation system, with touch-button design, high-voltage electronic ignition system, servo motor control and many other technologies.

Structural Features:
1. Chamber material: stainless steel mirror
2. Test folder: two U-shaped stainless steel frame structure with a thickness of 5.0mm
3. burner: a 45 degree angle with the horizontal
4. flue air flow rate: 0.7m / s
5. anemometer measurement accuracy: ± 0.1m / s

GB8626-2007, ISO11925-2:2002, GB/T10801.2-2002

The main parameters:
1. nozzle diameter: ¢ 0.17mm
2. The flame height: (20 ± 1) mm
3. The ignition timing: 15s, 30s
4. Use gas purity: 95% or more of propane gas
5. Sample size: 250mm × 90mm, 250mm × 180mm
6. The specimen thickness: ≤60mm
7. The ambient temperature (23 ± 5) ℃ relative humidity (50 ± 20)% RH
8. Power: AC220V ± 10% 50HZ
9. Carton Size: 400mm * 700mm * 810mm

Main feature:
1. box test apparatus using the S304 from stainless steel plate bending, beautiful shape, smooth lines, smoke resistant, corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, durable.
2. The test device is equipped with a burner flame measurement scale, the burner flame adjustment convenient, flexible and accurate.
3. The sample holding structure according to the standard required by strictly making the specimen clamping, fast, good combustion results.
4. The touch-button design, servo motor control, automatic ignition reset.
5. Used in universities, research institutes, testing units, insulation materials production enterprises

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