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Yarn Length Measurement Meter

Yarn Length Measurement Meter

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FZ/T 70001-2003,FZ/T 71004-2003

Used for measuring the cycle length of a variety of knitting wool, knitting wool circle. For checking that if the length of various linear density (count) hank girth compliance with standards.

Product details:
The stir yarn spread evenly apply a predetermined tension, according to the pointer, to determine whether the length of the loop skein standard
Instrument uprights fixed on the base for securing the sleeve, the ruler, and the sleeve as the next slide. Equipped with rollers in the vertical sleeve, measured skein on the set on the roller can be changed on the sleeve is fixed to the vertical position to accommodate different length of the loop skein. Hank tension measured by standard quality selection of different weights, tension is applied via a lever on the measured hank.

Test Methods:
The upper end of the sample after the humidity balance in wool circle long sleeve length measuring instrument blade hanging plate, spread evenly so that the coil will be set at the lower end of the sample loop yarn length measuring long blade hanging inner panel, hang up predetermined weight, the lower plate slowly down to rest, within half a minute recording the scale readings accurate to 0.1cm. Hanging weight (including the lower blade plate weight 1.4kg) provides as follows

50g twist 2.4kg
62.5g twist 3.0kg
125g twist 6.0kg

Yarn length L Calculation method:A=(L-πd)/2
Detail:L--- the length of the yarn twist ;
A--- Roller center distance ;
d--- Roller diameter ;

Technical Parameters:

Item parameter
roller diameter ¢19mm
The maximum length of the measurement 1800mm
Pressurization method Heavy Lever
Pressurized with heavy hammer 300g,500g,1500g
Dimensions 310×550×1100mm(L×W×H)
weight 20kg
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