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Static Tensile Tester

Static Tensile Tester

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Static tensile tester
Used for static tensile test of elastic fabric performance, adopts aviation aluminum frame design, 304 stainless steel clamp, and weight, excellent imported guide rail, compact structure, stable performance, which is the economic strength test instrument firstly selected by broad masses of manufacturers, scientific research institutions, commodity inspection, quality inspection units.
Test Principle
According to ASTM D 3107-2007 test principle, hold the specimen with top end of the machine clamped to the other end, the initial load is applied to certain heavy weights from the lower end of the holder, make two marks from the sample under the sample holder; then to making a predetermined weight on the sample weight, wait for one hour, or measure the distance between the two marks after the fixed time; remove the load weight, load is applied to the initial weight after 30 seconds, or one hour or other specified time again measure the distance between two markers; then calculate the sample elastic recovery rate (%) and residual deformation rate (%) by special formula; specific time, weight and length of the sample weight parameters which can be negotiated by customer choice.

Main Features
Executable constant elongation tests, constant load test, flexible sample clamp, equipped with positioning block which can be fixed anywhere on the rail, the use of adjustable knob fixture design, suitable for testing different samples.

Accordance with the requirements of the standards such as ASTM D3107

The basic technical specifications:
1, test station: six;
2, the body material: aluminum alloy
3, clamping equipment quality: stainless steel
4, load weight: 3 pounds one set, 4 pounds one set
5, gripper effective clamping width: 60 mm or higher
6 the distance between gripper: 30-750 - mm (adjustable)
7, flat triangle hook gripper: 6
8. Scale length: 900 mm
9, size: 1100 * 500 * 1350 mm
10, weight: 60 kg


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