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Rotary Rubbing Color Fastness Tester (Crockmeter)

Rotary Rubbing Color Fastness Tester (Crockmeter)

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Rotary Rubbing Color Fastness Testing Machine  (Crockmeter)

Rotary Rubbing Color Fastness Testing Machine(rotary color fastness tester) used for printed fabric, textile printing and dyeing industry, especially for the detection of color fastness of printed fabrics to dry or wet rubbing.

Product Description:
Rotary rubbing color fastness tester is the most commonly used testers in textile industry to test the color fastness of fabric to  dry or wet rubbing, especially the printed fabrics .
The 16mm diameter friction head can provide 1143 grams of pressure .
The firction head make friction of 1.125 cycles clockwise first and then counterclockwise. The operating handle makes only one-way rotation. 

Technical Parameter:
A, friction head diameter: 16mm;
B, pressure: 1134 g;
C, 1.125 cycles of clockwise roation first and then counterclockwise rotation;
D, fitted with fixtures for standard friction fabric;
F,  the spring of sample holder is made of steel to ensure the rapid specimen fastening and reproducible test results;
G, the device being designated AATCC

Accessories and Consumbles:
1, European standard white friction cloth
2, American Standard white friction cloth
3, Calibration friction cloth
4, Standard friction sandpaper
5, friction cloth clamp

Product Display

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