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Universal finger friction tester

Universal finger friction tester

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Brief Introduction
The main working principles of this device is through a test head, plus a certain amount of pressure, and carry a variety of standard test cloth surface of the material / coating to angle standards for automatic circulating friction.
Test conditions can be customized, including dry and liquid under conditions (sweat, emulsion) test.

Product Description
High simulation, realistic simulation of chemical / mechanical abrasion process
High reproducibility and repeatability
standardized automatic test program
wide application areas
Flexible device set, super durable, easy to operate

Technical Data
Load: 1, 5, 10 N (20N optional)
Friction stroke: 1 - 40mm
Test times: 1-100 million
Test liquid supply: Auto Recycling
Test weaving Supply: Auto Recycling
Power supply: 110 V / 230V

Configuration and consumables
Resistance fingernail scratch test: simulation of human nail surface of the material (such as print coating) friction and scratches;
Fingernail scratch test "for the automotive industry": according to various industry standard analog scratch test, used to evaluate the quality of the coating;
Sole abrasion test: anti-wear soles, according to various test detection material;
Dental simulation test: Analog wear dental materials according to the test standards;
Fingerprint test: Affinity Test fingerprints and clean up properties.

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