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Chrysler Bending Tester

Chrysler Bending Tester

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Brief Introduction
Chrysler bending tester is designed for bending and folding manner by testing base fabric adhesion of the coating material,
ie mechanical stability of the coating. 
Design Basis Chrysler laboratory test method LP-463LB-9-01. 
This test characterizes the degree of adhesion about the vinyl coated fabric and leather fabric coating material.
Also it can be vinyl coated fabrics, leather, unsupported rupture, whitening, cracking,
lamellar separation of vinyl and other soft furnishings and other materials

Product Description:
A tester simultaneously tests four samples, including three bend specimens and a folded specimen.
When the bending jig sample is clamped at both ends, and taut, holding one end is fixed and the other end of the horizontal movement,
the bending test. 
The folded ends of the sample close clamped between two opposing plates, a 12lb load is applied in the folding area.
If possible, close the flat to exert the appropriate pressure. 
Bend specimens’ tension with a fixed weight. Tension must be controlled.

Technical Parameter
 1. Desktop;

 2. Bending test stations: 3 stations;

 3. Folding stations: 1 station;

 4. Each sample holder may be separately provided on the specimen holder and tension;

 5. The rod Working stroke: 70mm; (2.75in.)

 6. Fixture spacing: (. 6in) 152mm;

 7. Working frequency: 35 times / min;

 8. The bending load test: Each sample 36N (8lbf.), Adjustable;

 9. The folding load test: After the closure 641N (12lbf.);

 10. The bend test specimen size: 76 × 203mm; (3 × 8in.)

 11. The folding test sample size: 129 × 129mm; (5 × 5in.)

 12. The feature can be manually reset electronic counters;

 13. Electronic Counter: 6 digits;

 14. Dimensions: 36 × 12 × 20 (length × width × height).

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