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Dynamic QS Filter Tester

Dynamic QS Filter Tester

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Dynamic QS Filter Tester
It is Suitable for professional filter test.
Filtration performance tester is used to evaluate the baghouse filter and bag dynamic and static dust removal efficiency,
filter performance test instrument designed by the analog filter in the actual use of the real situation,
the use of quick access to media performance evaluation parameters, an accurate assessment of the filter material quality,
performance and service life. Provide data basis for research and development, product quality control,
material properties with the new type of filter material;
it is a good choice for scientific research, testing, production and other industrial areas of product performance verification.

Testing Standards:
ISO 11057 Air quality - Test method for cleanable filter media filter performance
ASTM D6830 test method for determining the pressure drop cleanable filter media and filtration performance
VDI / DIN3926 evaluation of cleanable filter Standard Test Method
GB / T 6719 baghouse technology requirements
Test Method JIS Z8909-1 dust collection filter media - Part 1: Filtration Efficiency

Filtration tester principle:
When Air feed into the vertical pipe, which produced dust dusty dirty airflow.
The average distribution of dust with compressed air in the dust dispersion device,
after the formation of uniform concentration throughout the vertical pipe and flows,
some reached the lateral pipe with the intake air flow through the test filter;
it is exposed to air and constant dust concentration cleanable filter to simulate the operation. 
The Powder dust concentration result in increased pressure drop,
the differential pressure sensor to detect in real time before and after the test filter pressure drop changes.
Once the pressure drop reaches a preset value, the system releases the compressed air
to clean the dirty air toward that side pulse generated powder, does not affect the air flow performed cleaning (online cleaning).
After the test filter dust filter again, again and again.
Clean pulse must be precise and repeatable time, so every time through the filter of the average surface pressure and consistent.
The remaining powder and dust removed with vertical airflow fell down dirty pipe at the bottom of the dust collector.
Instruments and equipped with a dirty air filter, so that dust will not be dispersed in the dirty air filter upstream of the test,
which led to the concentration of dust is not clear, so that the measurement is invalid (particularly important parameters:
the residual pressure drop); this design implementation error-free long-term operation
without liquidation due to dust deposition frequently interrupted comprehensive measure.

Test Parameters:
Outlet dust concentration
Test filter mass change
Initial residual pressure drop, average residual pressure drop, drop the remaining increment
Average filtration cycle
Collection efficiency, penetration
Cleaning time, cleaning cycle
Static dust removal efficiency
Dynamic collection efficiency

Dynamic Filter Tester
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