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Cantilever Fabric Stiffness Tester

Cantilever Fabric Stiffness Tester

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Fabric Stiffness Tester, is a practical equipment to determine the bending height, flexural rigidity and bending modulus of fabrics. This tester provides a quick and intuitive way to know the stiffness performance of all kinds of fabrics like woven, layered, napped, knitted, pile, and etc.
ZB WO4003, GB/T18318, ASTM D 1388, IS09073-7, BS EN22313
Pneumatic fabric stiffness tester features:
With the infrared beam composition "stealth" detection slope, replacing the traditional tangible slope, to achieve non-contact detection, to overcome the twist due to the specimen is tilted up and affect the measurement accuracy of the problem. While making the measurement tilt adjustable.
The automatic detection system overcomes the shortcomings of the visualization and enhances the anti-jamming. Sample pressure plate automatic landing device to ensure that the pressure plate and sample positioning accuracy and consistency, improve work efficiency.

Technical Parameters:

Working mode

computer control, infrared stealth slope detection, LCD Chinese display, report printing

Extension length range


Measurement accuracy


Specimen specification


Specimen pressure plate specification


Sample platen advancing speed

0.3cm/s 0.4cm/s 0.5cm/s

Power source

AC220V 50Hz 0.12Kw





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