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Gelbo Flex Tester System

Gelbo Flex Tester System

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Gelbo Flex Tester System is a microprocessor controlled system, with a user controllable pre-set method programmed for ASTM F392. This makes the Gelbo Flex Tester System both versatile and very easy to use, with only minimal user training needing.
Principal of Gelbo Flex Tester With Particle Counter:
While the sample is being subjected to repetitive twisting and compression cycles on the Gelbo Flex Tester System, air is withdrawn from the testing chamber and the particles in the air stream are counted and classified on the particle counter.
Experiments of disposable or reuseable surgical bedsheet, surgical clothes and clean clothes for patients clinical staff and equipments.
Test principle:
The sample in the test chamber experiences a comprehensive effect of torsion and compression. During the process of torsion, the air is drawn from the chamber and the particles in the air are counted and classified using a laser dust particle counter.
YY/T 5056.6  Surgical drapes, gowns and clean air suits, used as medical devices for patients, clinical staff and equipment - Part 4: Dry lint test methods.
ISO 9073.10 Textiles. Test methods for nonwovens. Part 10_Lint and other particles generation in the dry state.
EN 13795-2-2004 Surgical drapes, gowns and clean air suits, used as medical devices for patients, clinical staff and equipment - Part 2 Test methods.
Product parameters:
1, sealed torsion room and Air manual machine;
2, twist speed: 60 times / minute
3, twist angle / stroke: 180 ° / 120mm
4, sample fixture: 82.8mm
5, laser particle counter test range: collection of 0.3-25.0um samples
6, laser particle counter flow rate: 28.3L / min, ± 5%
7, sample test data storage: 3000
8, timer: 1-9999 times
Test environment:
Level 5 clean room (ie 100 clean environment)
Basic Structure:
1. Dry lint generator
1) Torsion device: to exert comprehensive force of torsion, compression and recovery
2) Torsion chamber (electrostatic resistance) : an organic glass body with electrostatic resistance which covers the torsion device
3) Air sampler: fixed on a specific location in the torsion chamber. The sample port has a certain shape.
2. Laser dust particle counter
Count and classify the particles in the sampled air.

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