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Mercury Lamp Solar Aging Tester

Mercury Lamp Solar Aging Tester

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It is used in various types of textiles to accelerate the aging of mercury lamps under simulated sunlight.
Standard model fitted with 500 watt mercury blended tungsten lamp, pre-settable timer and time elapsed counter. Can be fitted with type C & D sample holders within which humidity can be controlled using saturated salts. Rapid Light Fastness Tester.
Rapid fade model fitted with 400 watt mercury tungsten high power lamp with transformer, pre-settable timer and time elapsed counter. Can be fitted with type D sample holders.
1. LCD touch screen display
2. Adopting the German Osram mercury lamp
BS 1006 UK/TN
Technical Parameters:
Items Parameters
Light source MBTL (mercury tungsten lamp) 500W
Lamp life 5000h
Indoor temperature room room temperature to 50 degrees
Temperature control by water cycling in the sample holder and indoor
Internal humidity 50 - 60% RH
Sample clip stainless steel
Sample size 100 x 50 mm
Water tank stainless steel
The circulating water pump separated from the main components
Exposure area 1800cm2
The distance between lamp and sample 200 ± 5cm
Power supply 230 V, single phase AC 50 Hz
Energy consumption 0.75 kilowatt hours
Instrument size 500 * 550 * 700 mm
Mercury Lamp Light Color Fastness Tester
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