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Textile Fabric Steam Shrinkage Test Machine

Textile Fabric Steam Shrinkage Test Machine

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Testing Standards:
ISO 3005, BS 4323, NEXT TM 15, M&S P8, IWTO 29-76
This instrument is suitable for woven fabrics and knitted fabrics, and fabrics whose dimensions are easily changed by steaming. It is used to measure the dimensional change of the fabric after being subjected to steam under the condition of no force; this dimensional change has nothing to do with the wet expansion and felting shrinkage of the fabric in the wet treatment.
Technical characteristics:
Equipped with a timing sound alarm system to facilitate test operation.
The steam drum is provided with a door touch switch, which is more convenient and safe to operate
Product Information:
Steaming Cylinder determines the shrinkage of unstressed fabric samples subjected to steaming in a closed chamber with anintegral steam generator. Provided with a stainless steel fabric supporting frame to accommodate 4 samples and an automatic timer. The Steaming Stability Template is suitable for measuring relaxation shrinkage of testing fabrics using with steaming cylinders, and is used to mark the fabrics before testing using a benchmark of 250mm and to read shrinkage rate directly in percentage after steaming testing.
Technical Parameters:
1. Provided with a stainless steel fabric supporting frame; 
2. 4 samples to test simultaneously; 
3. Automatic timer; 
4. Designed with integral steam generator, free from auxiliary steam generating device;
5. A Steaming Stability Template.
Optional accessories:
Steaming Stability Template
Yellow indelible Marking Pen 
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