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Smoke Density Test Apparatus

Smoke Density Test Apparatus

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Scope of application
The touch screen computer dual control smoke density tester for building materials is developed according to the technical conditions specified in the national standard GB / T8627-2007 "test method for smoke density of burning or decomposition of building materials". It is suitable for the determination of static smoke yield of building materials and their products and other materials
Product features
1. Dual control mode, which can be controlled on the touch screen or on the computer, and the operation mode can be easily switched! (user's own computer and printer; upper computer software, router and network cable will be sent with the device)
2. A device can be operated by several computers at the same time, and several computers can be online at the same time, which can realize LAN sharing!
3. The main and auxiliary burners can rotate automatically with accurate positioning.
4. The self-developed control program can meet the requirements of various operations, records, time curves and results calculation in the test.
Instrument structure
It is divided into smoke box and control system;
Smoke box: on the left and right panels of the smoke box, there are power switch, safety sign switch (backlight switch), gas regulating device, and switch for controlling exhaust fan (fan switch).
Applicable standards
Design standard: GB / T8627-2007 test method for smoke density of combustion or decomposition of building materials
Standard: GB / T8627、 ASTM D2843、 ASTM E662、 ISO 5659 
Technical parameter
1. The maximum smoke density (MSD) and smoke density rating (SDR) of the specimen are 0-100% continuously measurable and automatically calculated;
2. The calibration error of standard filter is not more than 3%; each equipment is equipped with three standard filters, which are representative of the data of light source calibration
3. The working pressure of Bunsen lamp was (210 ± 5) kPa;
4. Benson lamp applied flame to the sample for 4 min;
5. Combustion lamp: Bunsen lamp, length 260mm, nozzle diameter 0.13MM, 45 ° angle with smoke box;
6. Photoelectric system: light source is bulb, power is 15W, working voltage is 6V;
7. Exhaust system: the machine is equipped with powerful exhaust fan, which can exhaust the waste gas out of the room after the test;
8. Measurement range of smoke density: 0 ~ 100%;
9. Accuracy of smoke density measurement: ± 3%;
10. Receiver: silicon photocell, 0% transmittance means no light passing through, 100% transmittance means no light passing through completely;
11. Working pressure of main burner: 276kpa (adjustable); (optional auxiliary burner)
12. Automatic timing, automatic ignition and automatic smoke exhaust; the luminous flux can be tested by linear correction in stages to improve the accuracy of data
13. Touch screen:
11cm in length and 286.11cm in width;
Resolution: 800 * 480
Communication interface RS232, 3.3V CMOS or TTL, serial port mode
Storage capacity: 1g
Using pure hardware FPGA drive display, "zero" start time, power on can run
M3 + FPGA architecture is adopted, m3 is responsible for instruction analysis, FPGA focuses on TFT display, and main controller adopts low-power processor, which automatically enters into energy-saving mode
14. Gas source: 95% propane gas, or gas of the same purity (Note: the gas source and connecting head are provided by users themselves);
15. L * w * h 740 * 500 * 900 (mm)

Control System
· Automatic completion of the test; a variety of signals automatically collected
· Branded computer
· The printer is optional
· Voltage: 220V; Power 4KW
· Propane gas customer-owned

NBS Smoke Density Tester

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