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Fabric Formaldehyde Content Tester

Fabric Formaldehyde Content Tester

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ASTM D600 Formaldehyde Climate Tester Introduction

In China, the national mandatory standard "national textile products basic safety technical specifications" GB18401-2003, with effect from 1 January 2006 to enforcement, clearly defined the safety requirements of formaldehyde and other harmful substances in textile products.

January 1, 2010 from the implementation of a number of national standards for clothing and textiles: "woven student service" GB / T23328-2009, "male suit, coat" GB / T2664-2009, "female suit, coat" GB / T2665- 2009, "trousers" GB / T2666-2009, "tie" GB / T23314-2009, etc., also clearly put forward the restrictions of the formaldehyde content.

Aatcc 112 Textile Formaldehyde Content Tester Application

Textile formaldehyde content tester is used to determinate the formaldehyde content in the various textiles, clothing fabrics, often using water extraction method to prepare formaldehyde solution, and then after the color reaction with the Nessler reagent, the software can be tested out the formaldehyde content in textiles.

1, GB/T2912 Textiles - Determination of formaldehyde - Part 1: Free and hydrolyzed formaldehyde
2, AATCC 112 Textiles - Determination of formaldehyde - Vapor absorption method
3, BS6806 Textile formaldehyde testing
4, DIN EN ISO14184.2 Textiles-Determination of formaldehyde-Part2: Released formaldehyde (vapor absorption method)


1, wavelength range: 190-1000nm
2, spectral bandwidth: 4nm or 2nm optional
3, wavelength accuracy: ± 1nm
4, wavelength repeatability: ≤ 0.3nm
5, the wavelength set the way: automatic
6, wavelength resolution: 0.1nm
7, luminosity accuracy: ± 0.5% T
8, photometric repeatability: ≤ 0.2% T

Textile formaldehyde content tester

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