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Mask BFE Testing Machine - G299

Mask BFE Testing Machine - G299

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Mask BFE Testing Machine is used to test the percentage of material containing bacterial suspended particles at a specific flow rate.
1. Mask BFE Testing Machine: negative pressure test system, can protect the safety of the operator.
2. Peristaltic pump built in the negative pressure cabinet, A, B channel 28.3L/min.
3. The flow rate of the peristaltic pump can be set.
4. BFE Tester atomization effect is good.

Mask BFE Testing Machine test principle:
Bacterial filtration efficiency Tester consists of aerosol generation system, aerosol chamber and aerosol transmission device, negative pressure cabinet, 28.3 l/min carbon sampler and other components.The entire detector is controlled by the console.The console adopts microcomputer control system to coordinate and control the work of aerosol generating system, transmission system, negative pressure cabinet and sampling system, and display the working status in real time.The entire measurement work is done automatically.

Applicable Standards
  • ASTM F2100 standard specification for performance of materials used in medical face masks
  • EN 14683 standard that medical face masks in Europe are required to comply with
  • ASTM F2101 standard test method for evaluating bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of medical mask materials using Staphylococcus aureus biological aerosol
  • YY0469-2011 Technical requirements for surgical mask
  • YY/T 0969-2013 Single-use medical face mask

Video Description:

Technical Specification:
Conforms to EN 14683 and ASTM F2101
A Route Sampling Flow: 28.3L/min, resolution 0.1, E±2.O% L/min
B Route Sampling Flow: 28.3L/min, resolution 0.1, E±2.O% L/min
Spray Flow: (O.l e?? 10)L/min, resolution 0.1, E±5.O% L/min
Peristaltic Pump Flow: (0.001 ? 3.O)mL/min, resolution 0.001, E±2.O%
Negative Pressure Chamber: (-90 ? -120)Pa, resolution 0.1, E±I.O%
Working Temperature: OOC to 500C
High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter Properties:
≥99.995%@0.3μm, ≥99.995%@0.12μm 
Diameter of aerosol generator mass: Average diameter:
(3.0+0.3)fm; Geometric Standard Deviation<1.5pm
Double Routes 6-lever Andersen Sampling apparatus:
Level l: >7gm; Level Il: (4,7 to 7)gm; Level Ill: (3,3 to 4.7)gm;
Level IV: (2.1 to 3.3)gm; Level V: (1.1 to 2.1)gm;
Level VI: (0.6 to 1.1)gm
Total number of positive quality control sampler particles: (2200&plusmn;500)cfu
Negative Chamber Flow Speed: 25m/min
Size of Aerosol Chamber: at least (600x80x3) mm
Power supply: 220 V AC, 60 1-Iz
Noise: 65db(A)

Characteristics of G299 Mask BFE Testing Machine:

1. Intelligent touch screen control panel
more efficient and reliable, programmable 10 inch color LCD touch, achieve control, data display and other functions
2. High precision
Two samplers simultaneously sampling, avoid the test error by intermediate link, improve the accuracy of test
3. Multi directional protection design
Equipped with current overload protection, leakage protection and negative pressure cabinet to ensure safety for operator
4. Stability customized parameters
Adopts imported accessories, features stable movements, accurate test data and good repeatability

Applications of bacterial filtration efficiency tester:
Mask BFE Testing Machine is used to detect the filtration efficiency of masks, and also can be used for measurement and calibration departments, scientific research institutions, mask production enterprises and other relevant departments.

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