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Glow wire tester

Glow wire tester

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Glow wire test machine Instruction:

The best method for testing electro technical products with regard to fire hazard is to duplicate exactly the conditions occurring in practice. In most instances, this is not possible. Accordingly, for practical reasons, the testing of l products with regard to fire hazard is best conducted by simulating as closely as possible the actual effects occurring in practice.

Parts of insulating material or other material which are liable to propagate flames inside the equipment may be ignited by glowing wires or glowing elements.

Under certain conditions (for example, a fault current flowing through a wire, overloading of components, and bad connections), certain elements may attain a temperature such that they will ignite parts in their vicinity.

Brief Introduction:

The glow wire tester operation instructions according to the GB5169 and GB4706 the design and manufacturing requirements with the standards so called glow wire test method, which apply to the fire danger test on electrical and electronic products, household electrical appliances and materials, simulation heat element or overload resistance of heat or ignition source caused by thermal stress in a short time.

Product Description

This instrument adopts steel structure of spraying, imported instrument display, easy operation, stable performance,suitable for the quality inspection departments at all levels and relevant enterprises to use fire resistant test.


1. IEC 60695-2-10 Fire hazard testing -- Part 2-10: Glowing/hot-wire based test methods - Glow-wire apparatus and common test procedure

2. VDE 0471 Fire hazard testing; part 2: test methods; glow-wire test and guidance

Technical parameter

1.Heating temperature: 500-1000  or less continuous tunable range, temperature measurement  accuracy of plus or minus 10 

2.More than burning time: 0.1 999.9 s, plus or minus 0.1 s (adjustable time range)

3.Burning time: 0.1 999.9 s, automatic recording, pause manually

4.Residual flame time: 0.1 999.9 s, automatic recording, pause manually

5.Hot wire for sample pressure. Pressure limiting depth of 7 mm

6.Glow wire: nickel chromium (80%), chromium (20%), the size is made according to the rules.

7. Thermocouple:  nickel chromium/nickel aluminum wire, k index

8. Auto off: sample after reaching prescribed burning time, automatically be off from the hot wire

9.Overall dimensions: width,deep,high (1120, 520,520) mm

glow wire testing instrument

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