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Bacterial Filter Tester G299

Bacterial Filter Tester G299

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G299/ Bacterial filtration tester is suitable for medical surgical masks: it is used to cover the mouth, nose and mandible of the user to prevent microorganisms.

1.The machine consists of two parts: mechanical and electrical, It includes negative pressure cabinet, gas path and bracket.
2.Touch screen easy operation with USB interface to support data transfer, calibration can be carried through keyboard and USB interface.
3.Test principle: a certain concentration of bacterial aerosol accurs at upstream of the mask, entering the aerosol chamber and mix, the bacterial aerosol enters into two parallel gas path sampling system. One adds test sample to the sampler and other one does not add samples as positive quality control (total bacterial count). The ratio between the positive quality control value and the sample test value is the fifiltration effiffifficiency.
Complied Standard:
YY0469-2011、YY/T 0969-2013、ASTM F2101、ASTM F2100、EN 14683
technical parameter
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