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Rain Test Chamber

Rain Test Chamber

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Product Information:

This instrument can simulate rain horizontally spraying  to the tested sample which is vertically fixed in the stainless steel tank. The back of the specimen is adhered to the standard suction filter paper (weighing before and after the test).

The water in the water column is sprayed into the rain by the standard nozzle, while the water column can be changed from 600mm(24 inches) to 2400mm(96 inches) by 300mm inciments (12 inches).

The rain test equipment provides an LCD color touch screen with an interactive user interface, which can preset the ISO and AATCC test standards, water temperature, water column height and test time.

The built-in cistern can recycle the water that is sprayed on the sample, with a heater that controls the water temperature. The precision water pump can automatically maintain the water column in the nozzle to the set the height.

The rain water spray tester cannot be refitted, but can be ordered with new rain tester. We can provide a temperature-controlled water supply system that includes an electronic temperature controller, a mixing tank, and a solenoid control valve.


1. Anti-rain testing instrument with LCD color touch screen control panel;

2. Water column pipe, 240cm;

3. Standard sprinkler nozzle;

4. Sample rack and chassis;

5. 40L reservoir;

6. 150cm water column tube (optional);

7. AATCC filter paper 500 x 1000mm(25 pieces) (optional).

Techncial Parameters:

1. Control: LCD color touch panel;

2. Water column: 60 ~ 150cm + 1.5cm (standard), 60 ~ 240cm + 1.5cm (extension);

3. Sample rack: 285 by 190mm (305mm from the nozzle);

4. Heater: 1000W;

5. Temperature control: room temperature 40 ℃ ~ + / - 0.8 ℃ (no cooling device);

6. Supply of water: tap water or distilled water;

7. Reservoir: 40L;

8. Dimensions: 700 x 600 * 2460mm (long x width x height);

9. Weight: 125kg(275lb);

10. Power supply: 23/120vac, 50/60hz.

Rain Test Chamber





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