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Adhesive Button Fatigue Tester

Adhesive Button Fatigue Tester

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This magic tape fatigue testing machine is suitable for all kinds of touch and close fasteners test. Touch and close fasteners repeatedly shear and peel for a certain number of times, rolling sample with the weight of its own to receive the uniform fit. Then, determine the adhesion and part of the bonding strength. This tester has a memory function; Adjust the requirement pressure between the specimen by adjusting the balance blocks and weights.

Technical Parameters:

1. Wheel diameter: the previous round φ162.5mm, the next round φ160mm;
2. Wheel width: 70mm;
3. Rolling speed: 60rpm / min;
4. Fixture slot: width 4mm, length 55 ± 2mm;
5. Reverse time: 30s reverse;
6. Tests: 5000 times;
7. Load: 5kg;
8. Counter: Counter: LCD liquid crystal display, 0-999999;
9.HP: AC1 / 8HP dual-frequency motor;
10. Instrument material: stainless steel;
11. Surface treatment: painting;
12. Volume: 70 × 47 × 60cm;
13. Weight: 51kg;
14. Power: AC220V, 50HZ, 5A.

Shoes Velcro Fatigue tester Features:

1. Determine, opening and closing strength;
2. Digital reading;
3. Construction, in compliance with the standards ;
4. Velco Strips Test weights are supplied with tester;
5. Can be used with every kind of Velcro strips;
6. Rotation – Meter provides  the pre-determined number of tests;




Driving wheel speed


Time of steer and switch


Pressure of sample



LCD 99,999,999


53×55×67 cm




1∮AC220V 50/60HZ 3A (in accordance with county or user)

velcro belt fatigue resistance tester

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