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zipper reciprocating fatigue testing machine

zipper reciprocating fatigue testing machine

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Zipper tester for bags Application

The instrument is widely used to evaluate the durability and service life of zippers with various length in the fields of clothing accessories, luggage industry, shoe materials, etc., and provides data basis for guiding the development of materials and helping users to effectively evaluate the performance of the products.

The test result can predict the service life span of zippers that reciprocate by the vertical and horizontal tension in actual use process. Adjustable test spacing can meet more test requirements. Knob-type clamp with standard tooth surface can quickly and accurately hold the sample, with automatic counting function, convenient and quick.

Zipper testing machine Features

1. The counter adopts LCD display, 0~ 999,999 continuous adjustable;
2. Adjust zipper stroke according to different standard;
3. Automatic stop and alarm for 10S upon reaching the set number of times;
5. One set each of specially manufactured large and small zipper head fixtures, for the convenience to used zipper heads in different specification.
6. The positioning block ensures that the transverse pull clamp maintains tranversely tight at 10° at the beginning of clamping.
7. It has point adjustment function and fine tuning handwheel to facilitate the adjustion of installation position;
8. The zipper clamp is made of stainless steel


QB/T 2171/2172/2173 Light industry standards: metallic zipper/plastic zipper/nylon zipper
BS 3084 British standards: Slide fasteners (Zips) specification
AS 2332 Australian standards: zipper
NF G91-005 Slide fasteners. Test methods. Determination of mechanical properties.
JIS S3015 Slide fasteners
DIN 3419-1 Slide fasteners - Part 1: Technical delivery conditions
SATRA TM50 slide fasteners repeated opening closing, under load  

Technical Parameters



Reciprocating speed

30 double times/min

Reciprocating stoke


Horizontal clamping device width


Vertical clamping device width


Two clamping device distance


Friction head size


Surface friction head

Dead weight:200g

Round-trip distance

Low load 120mm; High load 150mm

zipper reciprocating fatigue test equipment

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