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ink printing durability test machine

ink printing durability test machine

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Ink Printing Durability Tester covers a complete and competitive range of Rub Testers which is applicable in abrasion resistance test of printing works, light sensitive layer of PS boards, and coating layers of relative products. It can help users to analyze the affairs of lower abrasion assistance, ink layer falling-off, lower printable of PS boards, and rigid of coating layers of other products.

Ink Rub Resistance Tester

Rub resistance describes the ability of printed material to withstand marking, scuffing or smudge during handling in conversion, packaging, transportation, distribution and use. It simulates a similar environment to test the rub resistance on printed materials.

It is used to analyze the life of label by creating actual environment of application to evaluate abrasion resistance of surface coating layer of printed material.

It simulates the actual working environment of product and helps to identify the quality and printing method to be used for printing of label based on application of product and its working environment.


    It measures the rub resistance bonding of ink with the printable surface

    Label Printing: It test the abrasion resistance of ink layer of printed materials and effectively analyze the problem of poor abrasion resistance and ink layer falling off. Thus to identify printing method and property of ink to be used for printing of label based on application of product and its working environment.

    Photosensitive Coating: It tests abrasion resistance of photosensitive board coating layers and effectively analyze the problem of lower printing force.

    It can also be used to analyse the rub resistance of different materials and analyse the wearing properties of sample material under consideration.


    Equipped with high end micro-processor to control testing and create the required environment with frequency of rubbing with controlled load
    Ensures even load distribution on rubbing area of sample
    Quiet rubbing process


  1. ASTM D5264 "with Sutherland - standard test method for printed material abrasion resistance test made by printed board tester"
  2. GB7706 “Toppan decoration print"
  3. Ink Abrasion tester is compatible with TAPPI-UM486, ASTMD5264 with JISK5701 and ISO9000 standards.

ink printing durability tester

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