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Ttaber 5750 Abrasion Tester

Ttaber 5750 Abrasion Tester

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Taber abraser(Abrader) Applications:

TABER 5750 abrasion tester make performance test of any size or shape of any sample for abrasion tests with a contoured surface and the polishing surface characteristics of the product, highly desirable (such as: computer mouse and other computer or IT products plastic paint wear tests, used for plastics, auto parts, rubber, leather and textile, electroplating, free removal of components, paint products, printing, design, and other products.


Linear Scratch Tester  Features:

Used to evaluate the wear resistance, scratch resistance (single or multiple scratches) and color transfer of (usually abrasion discoloration or abrasion fastness) and so on.

Dry abrasion test, wet abrasion test can be carried out.

Abrasion Tester includes a host 5750, three disc-shaped weights 250g, 10 CS-10 and H-18 5 grinding rubber, 50 S-14 sandpaper and wear depth measurement etc.


The number of revolutions:

Can be set up to transfer 999,999 (Note grinding rubber during this time may need to be replaced)

Alternatively load

Standard load range is from 350g to 2100g (250g weight generally random configuration of three weights.) • Variety of optional weight

Abrasion Tester has five selectable moving distances:

Moving away from standard 0.5 ", 1", 2 "3" and 4 "

It can be customized special mobile distance

Adjustable back and forth moving speed of 2 to 75 / min.

Wherein 2, 15, 25, 30, 40 and 60 back and forth / min six speeds, it has six preset buttons on the operation panel

Taber 5750 Abrasion Tester Standards:

ASTM D3884 、 ASTM D1175 、 ASTM D1044 、 ASTM D4060 、 TAPPI T476 、 ISO 9352 、 ISO 5470-1 、 JIS K7204 、 JIS A1453、 JIS K6902 、 JIS L1096 、 JIS K6964 、 DIN 52347 、 DIN 53109 、 DIN 53754 、 DIN 53799
TABER 5750 Abrasion Tester with CE certificate, also CE safety signs

Taber 5750 Abrasion Tester





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