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Button Impact Machine

Button Impact Machine

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Testing Standards: ASTM D5171


Button falling weight impact tester is used to determine the impact resistance of plastic sew-through flange buttons to a falling mass of 0.84kg (29.5oz), released from a height of 67mm (2.625 inches) or other heights as required. Evaluation Cracking, chipping and breakage, any of which constitutes damage. Test the remaining specimens.

Product Information:
With the equipment the impact resistance of plastic sew-through flange buttons can be determined that a falling mass of 0.84kg (29.5oz) is released from a height of 67mm (2.625inch) or other heights as required. Cracking, chipping or breakage constitute failure.


1. Ensure the vertical alignment of tension;
2. Fixed button edge without affecting its adhesion;
3. Consistent force of 10s continuously;
4. Elevate and fix the position of the test meter through the handle, easy to change samples
5. Horizontal hand wheel, designed to cooperate with ergonomic principles to make operators more comfortable;
6. Safety buckle design makes operation more secure and reliable;
7.  The long machine frame can extend the test scope more widely;
8. The concealed spring is designed to greatly increase the pin tightening and ensure the test repeatability;
9. Can reduce the damage caused by slid leakage during test process;
10. Simple design and accurate test results.

Button Impact Machine


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