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Fabric horizontal burning tester

Fabric horizontal burning tester

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Application of horizontal flame chamber:

Horizontal Flammability Tester; Mainly used for determining the horizontal burning rate of materials used in the occupant compartment of road vehicles ( for example, passenger cars, lorries/trucks, estate cars, coaches ), and of tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry, after exposure to a small flame.



ISO 3795, FMVSS 302, DIN 75200, SAE J369, ASTM D5132, JIS D1201, AU 169



A.Comprises draft free stainless steel cabinet with observation window, stainless steel (#316) with stands high temperature and high pressure.

B.Impending tympanic membrane structure provided with steel springs and damping system, which makes the operation stable.

C.Designed with sample holder and door mounted burner.

D.Basic mode with manual control of timing.

E.Sample holder can be moving vertically and horizontally.

F.Optional Automatic Gas Control System including solenoid control gas value and automatic ignition timer and controls.

Horizontal flame test chamber




A.Automatic Gas Control System,1 set.

B.DIN 75200 (automotive trim materials) testing accessory

Including burner ×1, burning nozzle ×2.

C.SAE J369 (polymer interior materials) testing accessory

Including burner ×1, burning nozzle ×2.

D.ASTM D5132 (motor vehicle polymer interior materials) testing accessory

Including burner ×1, burning nozzle ×2.

E.Other testing standards

Including burner ×1, burning nozzle ×2.

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