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Protective Clothing Flame Spread Test Machine

Protective Clothing Flame Spread Test Machine

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Protective clothing flame spread tester is designed and manufactured according to the stan-dard of ISO 15025 protective clothing burning test . It can test the state of flame spread of protective clothing under the impact of small flame. The instrument is a professional equip-ment, mainly applied for performance test of flame spread which protective clothing in fire by simulation technology.

Flame spread tester for protective clothing Features:

1. The combustion chamber is made of stainless steel; nice, corrosion-resistant;Dimension: 1200mm X 600mmx 1200mm

2. All sample holder is made of stainless steel manufacturing,corrosion resistance;

3. Standard burner; flame height level 25mm ± 2mm; vertical 40mm ± 2mm; nozzle opening 0.19mm;

4. The time is automatically recorded, automatic storage; timer accuracy 0.1s;

5. PLC with touch screen control system; to achieve more intelligent test; automatically record test data, automatic storage;

6. Imported brands gauge and control valve, the gas pressure is more stable;

7.Imported needle valve, precise control of the flame height; flame is more stable;

8.High intelligence, simple operation, easy to operate;

9.With the bottom surface of the combustion and combustion of two sample holder; made of stainless steel;

10.Automatic ignition system, automatically turns off;

Technical Parameters:            



Dimension :

1200mm X 600mmx 1200mm

Timer accuracy :


Power supply :


Protective Clothing Flame Spread Test Machine


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