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Fabric Moisture Permeability Tester

Fabric Moisture Permeability Tester

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Fabric Moisture Permeability Tester Description:

To determine water-vapour transmission of fabric. Used for testing the moisture permeability of all kinds of fabrics, including moisture-permeable coated fabrics and nonwoven fabrics. Without dry oven.


Application scope:

Used for moisture permeability test of various fabrics, film materials and coated fabrics.



ASTM E90-00 ASTM E96  JIS L1099A  BS 7209  JIS L1099B


Textile Fabric Moisture Permeability Tester Technical parameters:

1.Working pattern :computer control, LCD English menu operation, testing environment monitoring

2.Testing box temp. Control range: room-temperature:~45°C;distinguishability:0.1°C

3.Testing box temp. Control accuracy:±0.5°C

4.Testing box humidity control: 40%RH~95%RH±2%RH

5.Testing box humidification:≥300ml/h

Technical Parameters



Temperature range

20-50℃(Accuracy :±0.3℃)

Moisture range

50-95%(Accuracy :±2.0%)


Air-cooled airtight compress


Multi - stage heat sink cooler


Pot-type humidifier


Finned radiator

Circulating blower


Disc sample rack

270mm、2 paragraphs

Rotation speed of sample rack


Water supply method

Pump pumping

Water tank


Fabric Water Vapor Transmission Tester


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