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electronics paper tearing strength tester

electronics paper tearing strength tester

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Basic configuration:

1. 1 piece of spare cutting blade; 

2. Pendulums of 200CN(optional), 400CN, 1600CN, 3200CN, 6400CN and 12800CN composition(optional); 

3. Other necessary accessories recommended by manufacturer.

Further Details:

The Tearing Strength of fabrics, Paper, Plastic Film, or other comparable materials in sheet structure is controlled by estimation of work done in tearing through a settled length of the test example utilizing the elemendorf tear analyzer.

The fabric textile elmendorf tearing strength tester comprises of a metal part pendulum turned on hostile to contact metal spheres more than a vertical section altered on an unbending metallic base. The test example, fit as a fiddle fitted in between two clips is mounted on a pendulum and the other is mounted on the vertical section.

The clasps are mounted in a way to give a holding look are adjusted to one another when pendulum is discharged by lifting a discharge lever the activity cause the pendulum to tumble down under its weight & to tear the test example at the same time. The vitality retained amid tearing is demonstrated on a scale fitted on pendulum by a low rubbing pointer turned on the hub of the pendulum.

A movable blade is additionally mounted on the pendulum upper section is focused between the two braces & is utilized for making the starting opening in the test example.

A check weight is supplied with the analyzer for confirmation of the scale.

A fine metallic paint is smeared over it, in addition to it an excellent chrome plating to give it an corrosion safe completion.

Plastic elmendorf tearing strength tester Core advantages:

1. For the higher measuring ranges two or four pendulum weights are used together on the twin pendulum, measuring ranges: 200 CN, 400 CN, 800 CN, 1600 CN, 3200 CN, 6800 CN, 13600 CN and 30000 CN, which can satisfy tear strength test of different materials such as fabric, paper, cardboard, plastic film, the units of tearing strength is selectable in MN, CN, N, G, KG, OZ, LB; 

2. Touch LCD interface make the operation simple. Start and stop safety bolt hold the pendulum at the beginning and end of each test for ensure the test safe; 

3. Equipped with PC online serial, which can connect to the PC, record and analyze test results, while the data could also be exported to EXCEL form, and printed as test reports automatically.

falling-pendulum fabric tearing strength elmendorf tester


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