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Automatic Bursting Strength Tester

Automatic Bursting Strength Tester

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The new G229P pneumatic bursting strength tester adopts pneumatic drum explosion principle. It can quickly and accurately test the fracture strength, bursting height, bursting strength and other physical property parameters when the test material is uniformly stressed on the larger test area. It can be able to evaluate the re-sistance of materials.

Textile bursting strength tester Features

G229P pneumatic bursting strength tester uses high efficient micro processing control system , which is easy to use. Besides , it can make the daily laboratory testing work becomes simple, versatile, flexible, safe and stable.

Easy to use
The G229P can be operated conveniently and visually. The operation is simple and the source of error is eliminated.

Wide range of applications
Through the replacement of accessories,it can be used in a variety of applications,to meet different materials testing requirements.

Technical Parameters
Measuring range:0-1500kPa
Specimen Clamping:pneumatic
Max distension height up to 70mm±1%
Pressure rate:1-100kPa/min, adjustable
Scan time:less than 25 s
Output mode:display and print for output, real-time graphic, online communication;
Operating mode:manual or automatic
Test cup clamping area:7.3cm2,7.8cm2、10cm2、50cm2、100cm2
Output multiple indexes :bursting pressure, bursting strength, diaphragm pressure, distension height, burst time
Power Options:220 AC,50Hz
Dimension:480mm×600 mm×805mm

digital bursting strength tester



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