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fabric vertical flammability tester

fabric vertical flammability tester

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Vertical Flammability Chamber for measuring the vertical flame spread for childrens’ sleepwear, fabrics, other textile materials or resilient filling materials used in upholstered furniture. Comprises a draft free stainless steel cabinet with observation window and back wall painted black for easy test viewing. The different specimen holders and associated hardwares are dependent on the test standards. Automatic Gas Control System could easily control the combustion process.

fabric flame retardant tester Product Information:
Technical Parameters:
A. With a sealing free stainless steel combustion cabinet with observation window;
B. With standard combustion chronograph, for accurate detection of flame spread rate;
C. The different specimen holders and associated hardwares for various test standards;
D. Automatic Gas Control System including solenoid control gas valve and automatic ignition timer and controls.
Configuration and consumables:
AUTOMATIC GAS CONTROL, 230V Automatic Gas Control System
Accessories for ASTM D6413-99 TEST PKG(VFC,REQ),FTMS 191-5903(Fabrics)

fabric vertical burn tester Optional:
Accessories for DOC-FF3/71 (Childrens’ Sleepwear)
- 1 x Burner
- 5 x Specimen Holders
Accessories for CALIF TB-117 (Resilient Filling Materials Vertical)
- 1 x Burner
- 5 x Specimen Holder
- 1 x Weights
Accessories for CPAI-84(Tent)
Include: Burner, Specimen Holder, Weights
textile vertically flammability tester

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