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Face mask tensile test machine

Face mask tensile test machine

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Protective Mask Tensile Testing Machine

Masks tensile testing machine is professional testing for medical protective mask, medical surgical masks, the common surgical masks, disposable surgical masks, N95 masks, N99 masks, protective clothing and other mechanical properties of tensile testing machine, is my company on the basis of absorbing international advanced testing machine technology design and production.

Face Mask Tensile Testing Machine Application

It can used for a variety of textiles and automotive interior materials tensile strength, tensile break elongation (or elongation rate) test. It can also be used for zipper, leather strength test.

The test machine uses the integrated structure of the motor and the speed control system to drive the synchronous belt deceleration mechanism, and drives the lead screw pair to load after deceleration. The electrical part consists of a load measuring system and a deformation measuring system.

Face mask tensile test machine is a measuring instrument for testing Tensile Strength of Ear Loops in surgical masks, face masks and other masks. Its design and technical indicators are based on the general technical requirements of ISO1924/2 and GB/T12914.

Mask Elastic Band tensile testing machine parameter:
Test force range:0~500N (0~1500N optional ), 1400% elongation
Test accuracy:Within ±0.5% of the displayed value (grade 0.5)
Test speed:1-500mm/min (infinitely variable speeds)
Displacement:Within ±0.5% of the displayed value
Test width range:30mm (50mm can be customized)
Travel distance range:750mm
Instrument size:460mm×525mm×1430mm
Power supply:AC 220V 50Hz


Medical protective mask tensile testing equipment

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