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Face Mask Airflow Respiratory resistance tester

Face Mask Airflow Respiratory resistance tester

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Mask and Respirator Breathing Resistance Tester

Disposable mask airflow resistance tester can be used to determine the inspiratory and expiratory resistance of masks under specified conditions.Another additional function of this machine is flow impact test of the breather valve. The flow rate for inhale resistance test is 30L/min and 95L/min. The flow rate for exhale resistance test is 160L/min. And the flow rate for the flow impact test is 300L/min.

Non-woven Mask Respiratory Resistance Tester

Technical Parameters:

The zero point stability of the flow sensor is high, with full range and high stability, high accuracy with full range and excellent repeatability, low power consumption, low pressure loss and fast response speed.

The data logger adopts a graphic dot matrix LCD with a resolution of 128 × 64 and a full Chinese interface, which is easy to operate.

There is 4M memory in the data logger for measurement value recording.

The micromanometer sensor uses a two-wire system, with high accuracy and good stability; it is safe and reliable to use an explosion-proof design.

The range and zero point of the micromanometer sensor are continuously adjustable, the damping is adjustable, there is no mechanical moving part, and the maintenance workload is small. The micro-pressure measurement range is -1000Pa to 1000Pa, and the accuracy is 1Pa.

The whole instrument adopts special gas path conversion elements, which ensures the convenient and fast conversion of the two-pipe system of exhalation and inhalation.


Flowmeter range 0 ~ 100L/min;Accuracy: 3%
Digital differential pressure meter range 0 ~ 1000Pa
Accuracy1 Pa
Pumping capacity of air pump ≥100L/min
Printer Micro thermal printing
Language English-Chinese Switchable
Weight Approx 50kg
Power Supply AC220V 50Hz

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