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Fabric Frictional Voltage Electrostatic Tester Machine

Fabric Frictional Voltage Electrostatic Tester Machine

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Fabric frictional voltage electrostatic tester machine is the antistatic fabric and knitted fabric friction generated by the amount of charged charge test equipment, used to measure the amount of static electricity charge.The Fabric Friction Charging  Tester is composed of a friction device and a potential measuring device, which is used to test the electrostatic characteristics of the fabric after the charge is charged under laboratory conditions.

Fabric friction electric charge density testermain features:
1. The measuring device is composed of a friction device and a potential measuring device;
2, the potential measurement device consists of Faraday tube and electrostatic potentiometer components;
3, placed position: Faraday tube: ground, electrostatic potentiometer: experimental bench (or desktop).

fabric frictional voltage electrostatic tester machine

The main parameters:
1, the measurement range: 0 ~ 2uC
2, precision: 0.001uC
3, the input impedance:> 10Ω
4, roller friction machine: diameter ≥ 590mm; depth ≥ 360mm
5, static tube: diameter: 500mm; depth: 1350mm
6, Dimensions: 1200 × 600 × 1400mm
7, power: AC220V 50HZ 1.5KW
8, weight: 65Kg

Friction charged charge tester Steps:
1, connecting the Faraday tube and the amount of charge measurement device: the end of a dedicated cable connected with the input of the charge meter connected to the other end of the Faraday tube with the outer cylinder of the socket connection.
2, turn on the charge amount of the tester power - the power switch up to the "1" position.
3, press the "clear" button, so that the charge meter shows the number is zero.
4, with a roller friction machine friction test, immediately after the end of the friction with the insulation rods into the Faraday tube tube inside the tube. In this process the specimen and other objects should be kept above 300mm.
5. Read the reading on the charge quantity measuring device.

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