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Fabric Friction Electric Charge Density Tester

Fabric Friction Electric Charge Density Tester

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FFriction Charging Tester is the antistatic fabric and knitted fabric friction generated by the amount of charged charge test equipment, used to measure the amount of static electricity charge.This equipment is used to determine the electrostatic characteristics of friction-charged fabric under lab conditions。
JIS L-1094;
JIS T-8118;
ZB W 04008-89;
GB / T12703.2-2009;
GB 12014-2009;
GB / T23316-2009
Electrostatic charge test range: 0-2uc, accuracy: ±0.001uc
Nylon or acrylic friction cloth size: 400mm×450mm
Sample size: 250mm×350mm,each 3pcs in vertical & zonal
Running condition: Running time 5min, roller inside temperature: 60±100C
Rolling friction machine specs:
Term Spec Term Spec
Roller dia. ≥460mm Roller dia. ≥280mm
Depth ≥350mm Roller rotation rate ≥45r/min
Vane number 3 Roller liner material Nylon, polypropylene standard cloth
Heating mode Electric heating Exhaust capacity ≥2m3/min
Others Double-sided tape with sample in-out place
Friction Charging Tester Main accessories:
 Voltage meter (R8240): 1 set
 Capacitor: 1 set
 Cable (A01009-200): 1 root
 Connection cable (A01009-50): 1 root
 Power supply-type strip in addition to the electrode: 1 root
 Friction abutment / ground pad (nylon friction cloth): 1 set
 Insulated rods (20Φ x 500L mm acrylic clear fiber): 1 root
 Certificate of proof of voltage meter (traceability): 1 book
Friction Charging Tester Note:
1, the system of Faraday tube outer cylinder should be reliably grounded.
2. Clear the charge amount measurement unit before each measurement.
3, the measured object must be measured from the power supply.
4, before the test, please turn on the power switch to make the machine warm up for 15 minutes.
5, voltage / current generator is not to sell goods.

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