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The significance and Use of Pilling Resistance test

Acceptance TestingThis method of testing fabrics for resistance to pilling is not recommended for acceptance testing.If it is used for acceptance testing, it should be used with caution because interlaboratory data are not available. In some cases the purchaser and the supplier may have to test a co...


Random Pill and Resistance Test ASTM D-3512

This test is used to cover the resistance to the formation of pills and other related surface changes on the textile fabrics using the random tumble pilling tester. The procedure is generally applicable to all types of woven and knitted fabrics. Textile samples are placed into the random tumble pill...


How to ensure the Quality of the corrugated Boxes

Corrugated Boxes. Most corrugated fiber board is made from cellulose fiber, or trees that are used for wood. However, at Peek Packaging, the majority of our corrugated boxes are made from 100% post industrial wood by-products. Quality of the corrugated Boxes is never about the high strength of the m...


The method Glass Screen Wear Resistance Testing

Due to the property of being optically transparent, glass is widely used in a variety of products, such as windows, containers, optical lenses, mirrors and countless others. During the manufacturing process, glass can be formed into different shapes, ranging from flat sheets to highly intricate shap...


Widely Applied Scratch Test

The scratch test has become one of the most widely applied methods to evaluate coating adhesion at present. Over the past two decades, this technique is extensively used to assess the adhesion of PVD/CVDdeposited superhard nanocomposite coatings, which usually exhibit a high residual stress at the c...



A new scratch test methodology is developed here. Different test conditions are used in conducting the scratch tests. The results is compared and assessed to determine the best method. Results from a concurrent study using finite element analysis (FEA) will also be presented. Model Material System a...



The great attention paid on aesthetics of polymer surfaces in recent years has led to significant interests in the scratch resistance and visibility of polymers. To this end, reliable methods to quantify scratch resistance and visibility become the top priority. The methods used in the quantificatio...


The Trendency Of Current Testing Instruments Industry

Along with the development of science and technology now, instrument and meter industry in the development by leaps and bounds, coupled with the current progress and development of computer technology, network technology, to form a network and a practical monitoring system, can improve the productio...


Test Method for Abrasion Resistance of Organic Coatings

ASTM D406-This test method covers the determination of the resistance of organic coatings to abrasion produced by the Taber Abraser on coatings applied to a plane, rigid surface, such as a metal panel. This standard does not purport to address all of the safety concerns, if any, associated with its ...


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