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Scratch Resistance Of Our Smartphones

Smartphones that use Gorilla Glass 5 the generation of glass introduced in 2016 and found on Samsungs Galaxy devices, the LG G7 ThinQ, and the OnePlus 6, to name a few have benefited from the glasss greater resistance to taking damage from falls, as compared to its predecessors. And Corning claims t...


Wear Modes To Operate And Evaluate

There are numerous instruments available that can simulate different types of wear modes. The solutions are versatile, affordable, easy to operate and allow the user to evaluate: Two-body abrasive wear hard particles are forced against and moved along a solid surface; Sliding wear occurs between two...


oxidative Bleach With Washing fastness

In the textile sector, bleaching processes are applied to all textile products that need to be white or print. The basis of the bleaching processes is the disintegration of the natural dyes, especially in the structure of the natural fibers, and their water-solubility, followed by washing the fabric...


AATCC Test Method 61-1996 for textile Fastness

This test evaluates colorfastness and staining potential of fabrics under accelerated wash condition that simulate five home washings. Five separate methods test different home washing conditions. Specimens can also be evaluated for abrasion resistance during laundering based on appearance. How This...


Effect of The China-United States Trade War

The China-United States Trade War is an ongoing trade war between the Peoples Republic of China and the United States of America characterized by increasing tariffs and other measures since 2018.Uncertainty arising out of the US-China trade conflict could lower world gross domestic product (GDP) by ...


The Textile Industry In India

The textile industry is passing though its worst phase in the past decade, said Munish Bagrodia, president, Northern India Textile Mills Association (NITMA). The country has a large and vibrant textile industry, employing millions of people in the value chain. But presently, the industry is passing ...


The Pilling Testeing Method of ASTM D3512

This test method covers the determination of the propensity of a fabric to form pills from fuzz under test conditions intended to simulate normal wear using the brush pilling tester. This procedure is generally applicable to all types of apparel fabrics including both woven and knitted fabrics. NOTE...


The Significance of Fabric Furring and Pilling Evaluation

As widely known, pilling may be defined as a surface defect of textile fabrics consisting of a number of pills (i.e., roughly spherical masses) made of entangled fibres. Since pilling represents, for the final user, a non-desired feature, its control, and measurement, is one of the main issues for t...


The measurement of scratch to materials

Scratch testing is carried out to get an insight into materials to determine the resistance to abrasion and wear of modern composite materials and automotive paints varnishes, as well as coatings. Single asperity scratching allows the mechanisms behind abrasive or ductile damage of samples under inv...


The Fastness Testting of Colour fastness to artificial light

This part of IS0 105 specifies a method intended for determining the resistance of the colour of textiles of all kinds and in all forms to the action of an artificial light source representative of natural daylight (Des).The method is also applicable to white (bleached or optically brightened) texti...


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