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Flammability of Polymers test

Most plastics are carbon-based materials and will burn and give off gases and smoke when subjected to a flame. Plastics are excellent fuels but are generally classed as ordinary combustibles and fall into the same category as wood, leather and many other common materials. All of these materials will...


Operating Method of Oxygen Index tester

This method describes a procedure for determining the relative flammability of organic films and reinforced composites by measuring the minimum concentration of oxygen in a gaseous mixture of oxygen and nitrogen that will just support combustion. It is based on ASTM Standard D2863-77 but modified to...


Test method for Fogging Tester

The term Fogging refers to the film that collects on the inside of vehicle window glass. Of particular interest is the windshield, because this film can both limit light transmittal as well as refract the light that is transmitted, impairing visibility and creating safety concerns. A fogging test sy...


The Optical Properties Test on Shading Fabric

In order to study the heat insulation and indoor light adjusting ability of fabric, the optical properties of usual shading fabric were tested using spectrophotometer which measurement range is 190nm~3300nm. Under different open porosity, the ultraviolet transmittance, solar direct transmittance, so...


Determination of WVTR

High demands are nowadays put on packaging materials. For example, depending on the application field, the materials must provide optimum barrier properties toward water vapor, oxygen or odorants. In addition, there are requirements regarding tear resistance, transparency and compatibility with the ...


Types of Waterproof Breathable fabrics

waterproof breathable fabric refers to water under certain pressure is not immersed in the fabric, and the human body can emit sweat in the form of water vapor transmission through the fabric to the outside world, so as to avoid the accumulation of sweat condensation in between the surface and the f...


CPTPP as a shock to "made in China"

The impact of the CPTPP on Vietnams economy depends largely on Vietnams ability to seize opportunities and overcome challenges.Its predecessor is former President Obamas trade legacy : the trans-pacific partnership (TPP).But US President trump, who favours a unilateralist trade model, pulled out of ...


Cautions Of Zipper reciprocating pulling Test

Zipper Tester is professionally designed for determining the zipper in the tension function of transverse and longitudinal that can sustain the specified number of reciprocating pulling operation. In the test, the machine drives the zipper pull head to perform reciprocating isokinetic movement in a ...


Flammability Test method for carpet

This work established that the performance measured in and regulated by the Flooring Radiant Panel is complementary to that measured in the Cone. While the Early Fire Hazard Test and Cone provide information to assess the fire performance of materials for upward flame spread, the Flooring Radiant Pa...


Air permeability test method for textile

Air permeability is an important factor in the performance of such textile materials as gas filter, fabrics for air bags, clothing, mosquito netting, parachutes, sails, tentage, and vaccum cleaners. It can also be used to provide an indication of the breathability of weather-resistant and rainproof ...


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