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Why do slips occur?

In 2008, slips and trips were responsible for 6.9% of occupational sprain and strain injuries and accounted for 3% of all occupational injuries and illnesses. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that falls on the same level and falls to a lower level have incidence rates per 10,000 full-time work...


The high-alloy carbon steel used in mining tools of Wear mechanisms

Archards equation describes the easiest forms of wear, see Equation 1. The theory of Archard says that the volume loss will be a linear function of rubbing distance at constant wear speed and the volumetric wear rate will be proportional to the applied load. Presence of water: The presence of water ...


Wear Testing Method of Pin-on-Disk Apparatus

For the pin-on-disk wear test, two specimens are required. One, a pin with a radiused tip, is positioned perpendicular to the other, usually a flat circular disk. A ball, rigidly held, is often used as the pin specimen. The test machine causes either the disk specimen or the pin specimen to revolve ...


Applications of Textiles in the medical field

Medical textiles are used for external applications on body that means those are used outside the human body to assist the recovery of wounds are called non-implantable medical textiles. Non-implantable products are typically used to provide protection against infection, to absorb blood and exudates...


Test Method for Footwear Slip Test

A International standard will provide safety and risk management professionals with an aid in measuring the slip resistance of footwear in a wide variety of flooring situations. F2913, Test Method for Measuring the Coefficient of Friction for Evaluation of Slip Performance of Footwear and Test Surfa...


Textile testing

Textile testing is the term for a while series of tests that examine the physical, mechanical and chemical properties of textiles. These tests are sometimes done before a textile goes into widespread use, or theyre done on textiles arriving from other countries for sale in US markets. Countries like...


Textile testing for comfort

At the beginning of his talk yesterday on testing and evaluating fabrics human comfort, performance and health, Dr. Emiel DenHartog, North Carolina State University (NC State), provided a definition of comfort as a condition of the mind that expresses satisfaction with the environment. In setting up...


The difference of Air permeability test standards in different countries

Air permeability is the measure of air flow passed through a given area of a fabric. This parameter influences the thermal comfort properties of fabrics to a large extent. It is generally accepted that the air permeability of a fabric depends on its air porosity, which in turn influences its opennes...


How to diagnose the problem accurately on Paint Adhesion?

Paint failure is a common phenomenon and it occurs on a large scale. A paint job is not a permanent job. The 2-3 layers of color coating usually measure about 40-50 mm in thickness after drying. Paint comes off of the walls eventually and it requires the renewal after a certain period of time. The p...


Fire and Flammability Testing

Experior Laboratories offers a range of fire testing services for various types of materials and components. Our staff has the experience to conduct flame testing to military, telecom, and industry standards. Our flame testing capabilities also extends to qualification testing and reliability testin...


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