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Introduction of ASTM G 65

With this perception of necessities required in the industry, have been developed methods able to perform reproducible tests in any place. Due to this, organizations like ASTM, DIN, ISO, among others, have standardized these techniques, achieving with this, the general knowledge of the conditions of...


What Is Martindale Method

The Martindale method, also known as the Martindale rub test, simulates natural wear of a seat cover, where the textile sample is rubbed against a standard abrasive surface with a specified force. The test equipment works in intervals of 5000 cycles, totalling the wear number (unit: Martindale) of a...


What happens to cotton prices after tariffs

In recent years, the increase of labor cost in China has squeezed the profits of Chinas cotton textile industry. Many enterprises choose to set up factories in southeast Asian countries, and the industry prosperity index declines. In particular, the industry prosperity index of the last four years o...


Analysis of china-us cotton textile trade

As is known to all, cotton textile industry belongs to the labor-intensive industries, 2003-2012, our country the investment policy of relying on cheap labor costs and easing made golden decade of cotton textile industry rapid development, followed with the improvement of Chinas labor costs, cotton ...


Three Different Forms Of Abrasive Wear

Abrasion occurs when a hard surface or hard particles pass over a soft surface, causing loss of material . However, the abrasive grooves can be found on the wear tracks of the sliding friction between similar metals . It means that abrasive particles may be formed during the wear process due to work...


What are the characteristics of dry cleaning machine

The dirt on clothings is oil of oil of oil of adhesion of the dirt in air mostly or grease hind form on fiber, oil or grease basically come from human body secrete adipose, cook oil and automobile exhaust to wait. 1. Clothes are not easy to be damaged: Use a dry cleaner to dry clean clothes, each ti...


Test Method for Determination of Abrasion

This test method describes a procedure for determining the amount of image transferred onto the surface of a white cloth by rubbing. The test method can be employed to evaluate the abrasion and smudge resistance of business imaging products produced by impact printers, thermal transfer printers, and...


The factors that affect fatigue

Material selection is paramount to all design considerations. Material selection may be limited by any of a number of factors including economic, environmental, and service restrictions. Selecting a material with a high endurance limit is good practice. Stress concentration is another key factor. Es...


three Test Methods to Investigate the weathering process

Environmental effects can cause a change in color, cracking, corrosion and deterioration of a products exterior and interior. Investigating the weathering process of your product is an important part of determining its ability to withstand the natural forces that will occur in its lifetime. Accelera...


Test Procedure For The Oxygen Index Test

Measuring the oxygen index can detect the ignition performance of the product and improve the safety performance of the product. The following is the Oxygen Index Test Apparatus test procedure for the oxygen index test. 1、Igniting the sample-start the time immediately and observe the burning time ...


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