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Test Significance of Fire Protection and Thermal Protection

Protection together with comfort is very important subject for the performance of protective equipment. Firefighting is very dangerous work and today firefighters wear personal protective equipment to protect themselves during their highly dangerous work. Also they have to perform their jobs under v...


The Physical Testing of Chemical Protective Clothing testing

In terms of protective coveralls, Body Protection normally refers to protecting the skin from the harmful effects of chemicals either liquids or solids. This bulletin focuses on the testing of the physical properties of the fabric that is used to make the coveralls but first we will look at the thre...


A New Way Of Recycling Textiles

It is known that more than 500,000 tonnes of clothing waste is sent to landfill each year . But a new way of recycling could redirect some of our unwanted textiles from polluting the environment, by repurposing cotton waste into anything from new clothes to prosthetic knees. Developed by the team at...


Effect And Maintain Tips of xenon lamp aging test

The weatherometer is a laboratory device that uses high-powered light sources and water to simulate long-term outside exposure. Ultraviolet (UV) light, a wavelength of light from the sun not visible to the human eye, can cause long-term damage to paints, plastics and concrete finishes. Water, includ...


what are the functions of Weatherometer testing

The weatherometer can create ultraviolet, indoor, or other light frequencies to test products in controlled conditions, and include water spray to add further environmental effects.A weatherometer is a laboratory device that uses high-powered light sources and water to simulate long-term outside exp...


Water Vapour Transfer through Pigment Finished Leather testing method

Physical and mechanical properties of leather can be varied depending on the applications (footwear, gloves,clothing, purses, furniture upholstery, saddles, etc.). It is required that leather to be very soft, thin and extensible for gloves and clothing, more rigid for footwear, hard and stiff for so...


Factors Affecting the Water-Vapor Permeability of Leather testing Method

The basic principle in all water vapor .permeability tests developed for leather is the use of the specimen as a diaphragm with a region of high relative humidity on one side and one of low relative humidity on the other. The gain in weight per unit area on the low relative humidity side in unit tim...


Scratch testing for assessing the adhesion strength of coating

The most popular and widely used technique for assessing the adhesion strength of coatingsubstrate systems , scratch testing consists of using a hard metal or diamond spherical tipped indenter (typically with a radius of 200 m) to apply an increasing load on the coating surface continuously while th...


How to check the color fastness of a fabric

We can define colorfastness as, having color that will not run or fade with washing or wear. That means characterizes a materials colors resistance to fading or running. Clothing is colorfast if its colors and dyes do not bleed or run from the clothing. Clothing should be tested for colorfastness be...


The significance and Use of Pilling Resistance test

Acceptance TestingThis method of testing fabrics for resistance to pilling is not recommended for acceptance testing.If it is used for acceptance testing, it should be used with caution because interlaboratory data are not available. In some cases the purchaser and the supplier may have to test a co...


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